Famos specializes in designing and producing a whole series of products for performing sterilization, packaging and transportation of medical devices, equipment and consumables. These products are used in in hospitals and health care facilities throughout the world.


The transport trolley is a product for internal transport of baskets and trays inside hospitals and medical centers. FAMOS wanted a redesign of the original transport trolley to tap into foreign markets. The biggest issue with the original trolley were the high cost in transporting the product to the customer.

Opening New Markets.

The solution to this particular problem culminated in the redesign of the product to be shipped as a flatpack – which was inspired by IKEA – and assembled on location with standard tools. The redesign reduced transport volume by more than 60% compared to the original design. This resulted in a positive effect on the transport cost, thus making the product more attractive for foreign customers. An added bonus was the reduction in production lead time since the product was assembled by the costumer, whereas before this was done by FAMOS.

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