FELIXprinters came to life – like most successful 3D printer manufactures – straight out of the garage, fueled by the DIY attitude of the 3D printing community at that time.

Founder Guillaume Feliksdal started experimenting with 3D printers in 2010 and saw a lot of potential in this upcoming market. In 2011, together with Wilgo Feliksdal, his dad, Guillaume started FELIXprinters. The first 3D printer they put up for sale was the FELIX 1.0. which was a great success. The 1.0 was followed by numerous generations which won the company universal acclaim. The company has gained a healthy market share and is renowned for its quality, innovation and customer service.


The Felix Tec 4 was build upon a long history of the previous generations 3D printers. Starting with the Felix 1.0 in 2011 – which formed the initial success of Felixprinters – and progressing through 5 generations to the Felix 3.1 which was launched in 2015. In late 2016 it was decided to kick off development of a long-awaited successor. This product would be sold as a complete 3D printer kit but also as an upgrade kit for older models in the field, which was one of the unique selling points of Felixprinters.

Providing the best tool for creators.

The Tec 4 was designed to give the user the freedom to build what’s on their mind. We wanted to create a 3D printer which gives users a tool to create, to experiment and to benefit from amazing 3D printing technologies. We closely cooperated with the FELIX community to understand the user’s desire for a 3D printer. All the knowledge and experience that was gained was integrated into the product.

Ease of Use

Integrated automatic leveling – One of the greatest achievements in the Tec 4, was the integration of the automatic software leveling and Bump-Map Registration. This new feature will almost guarantee a perfect first layer, which is essential for a successful print.

Get started with a single click – Printing was simplified with a brand new, user-friendly interface in combination with a large LCD screen and improved control buttons.

Flexible Build Plate – The Tec 4 was pioneered with a flexible build plate resolving one of the most common frustrations in 3D printing – removing objects from rigid build plates.’’


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